Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Summer and a growing family

We find ourselves on the brink of summer. The garden is mostly in, check. Ethan is more and more fun each day. Baby (nĂºmero dos) is growing towards his appearance sometime in August. Ethlene has more time at home these days, making both daddy and Boogie very happy. We have our list of projects to get completed before baby arrives. This time around I'm not planning on building a glorified house of which I will soon divulge here in the post 'The House that Insanity Built'.

Ethan and child #2 has caused me to reflect on the role of Fatherhood. For me I always wanted children. Being a textbook Gemini I always keep myself too busy with all sorts of interests from starting my own farm, opening up my own cafe, to making pottery and sculpture. With children now I don't see putting these dreams aside just on hold for the time being. I ran into someone the other day that asked me if I was still making pots. I proudly said "no, not right now". Feeling that I had to interject causation I added" You know I've realized there is more to life."

I really do take this father thing pretty seriously. How my 2 sons grow and become compassionate, loving, determined, and productive, free-thinking individuals starts the moment you meet them. No I don't want to be the 'Tiger Dad' nor do I wish to force them to live the life I want to live. They really do enter this world with their own personality. I see our role as parents is to nurture the environment we live in as a family in order to role model for each other the characteristics we find important. In doing this we will always have the ability to make it through anything.